Marc Lentz is a Barrister (Avocat à la Cour) and member of the Luxembourg Bar.

He recently launched his law firm (September 2016) and provides legal advice, as well as assisting with dispute prevention and litigation proceedings in the Luxembourg courts. He specialises in criminal law, family law, civil law in general, and also liability law.

He gained a solid 12 years of experience working for Penning & Wurth (later Penning-Schiltz-Wurth), before setting up his own practice.

Marc Lentz has been a lawyer since 2004 and adheres strictly to the code of conduct. His wealth of professional skills enables him to find the most effective solutions for his clients.

Solutions may be provided in the form of a legal ruling, or alternatively through amicable resolution of disputes (negotiation of a deal, mediation etc.).

You can trust that all information that you share with us will be treated as highly confidential.

“ Ma mission : vous défendre! „


Born in Luxembourg in 1979
Barrister (Avocat à la cour)
Member of the Luxembourg Bar since 4 May 2004


University of Luxembourg: Additional courses in Luxembourg law

NANCY II University: Master's in Private Judicial Law and Criminal Sciences; DEA advanced studies Diploma in European Comparative Law

Centre Universitaire de Luxembourg: D.E.U.G. (general university studies diploma) in Law

Echternach ‘Lycée Classique’ (grammar school)


Mayor of the Biwer municipality (since 2017)
1st Alderman of the Biwer municipality (2011-2017)
Member of the Biwer municipal council since 2006
Member and Secretary of the Committee for the Conférence du Jeune Barreau de Luxembourg (Association for young Luxembourg Bar lawyers) (2005–2006)

Written and spoken language skills

Luxembourgish, French, German and English


Criminal Law

“You are entitled to full assistance from a lawyer from the outset of criminal proceedings.”

Marc Lentz can provide assistance and defence:

Whether you are:

  • Summoned to appear by the police, an investigating judge (Juge d’instruction), or before the criminal courts (Police Court, District Court all divisions, Court of Appeal).
  • Charged with criminal acts
  • On remand or have been issued with an international arrest warrant
  • An accused person or defendant in a pending criminal case

Whether in relation to criminal offences such as:

  • Assault and injury (homicide, actual bodily harm, accidents etc.)
  • Property offences (theft, destruction, fraud)
  • Road traffic offences (disqualification from driving, points on licence, vehicle seizure)
  • Corporate law offences (misuse of company assets, money laundering etc.)
  • Juvenile delinquency

Or whether you are:

  • The victim of an attack or damage caused by another person, and you wish to lodge a complaint
  • A victim seeking compensation for personal injury and material damage (application to join proceedings as a civil party or direct summons)

Marc Lentz will help you to prepare your defence or compensation case, and will meet with you to go over your questions and implement the best strategy.

Divorce and Family Law

Are you in the middle of a separation, and want to know the consequences and how to safeguard your personal circumstances? Do you want to protect your children’s best interests? Do you need information on child maintenance payments, or are you faced with a child custody issue?

Marc Lentz will advise you, and help you to prepare your case and implement the appropriate strategy (e.g. family mediation, referral to the competent courts). He can assist with:

  • Divorce proceedings (divorce based on mutual consent or fault-based divorce)
  • Partnerships and separations
  • Child maintenance payments
  • Parental authority and child custody issues
  • Arranging visitation rights and the right to have a child to stay
  • Domestic violence
  • Paternity testing or disputes
  • Protection of vulnerable adults (safeguarding of interests, guardianship)
  • Adoption

The law relating to children and the protection of young people

Marc Lentz works with children to protect their interests, both as a lawyer and as a public administrator.

He has assisted and represented minors in a range of court cases (Youth Court, Guardianship Court), in areas which include:

  • Protection of young people and vulnerable minors
  • Juvenile delinquency
  • Representing minors in the courts

Liability Law

Marc Lentz will support you at all stages of the amicable and litigation proceedings of your case. He will seek fair compensation wherever possible for any harm you have suffered.

He can also defend your interests in cases where you risk being held liable as a perpetrator of damage.

  • Tort (e.g. compensation for material damage and personal injury)
  • Contractual liability (in the case of non- or poor performance of a contract)
  • Liability for road traffic accidents
  • Liability for construction projects (court-appointed expert reports, construction defects, faulty workmanship, warranties)
  • Awarding of damages

Contract Law

Marc Lentz can advise and support you with contract negotiation, drafting, interpretation, performance and termination.

He will defend your interests if you are being held contractually liable for the non-performance or poor performance of a contract.

Real Estate and Construction Law

Marc Lentz provides advice and assistance on any issues that you might encounter as an owner, private individual or builder. He specialises in:

  • Private and commercial leases (rent collection, termination of lease and eviction proceedings)
  • Planning permission (administrative processes and private development plans)
  • Easements and boundaries
  • Problems with neighbours
  • Liability for construction projects (court-appointed expert reports, construction defects, faulty workmanship, warranties)

Debt Recovery and Seizure

Marc Lentz can help to recover outstanding debts from both individuals and companies.

  • Orders for defaulting debtors (payment orders, civil and commercial rulings, European payment orders)
  • Enforcement of national or international rulings
  • Protective measures and seizures (attachment of earnings, attachment of goods)

Insolvency Proceedings (Liquidation, Bankruptcy)

Marc Lentz also acts as a bankruptcy receiver, and assists with bankruptcy and court-ordered liquidations.


The Marc Lentz law firm is located in Luxembourg City, halfway between the Cité Judiciaire and Luxembourg Station.



T: 20 60 06 70

Consultations available by appointment. Please ensure that you bring all documents relevant to your case along to the appointment.


‘Rocade’ underground car park: Rue du Laboratoire L-1911 Luxembourg (200m)
Bus stops: Place de Paris (400m)
‘CFL’ railway station (600m)


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