Born in Luxembourg in 1979
Barrister (Avocat à la cour)
Member of the Luxembourg Bar since 4 May 2004


University of Luxembourg: Additional courses in Luxembourg law

NANCY II University: Master's in Private Judicial Law and Criminal Sciences; DEA advanced studies Diploma in European Comparative Law

Centre Universitaire de Luxembourg: D.E.U.G. (general university studies diploma) in Law

Echternach ‘Lycée Classique’ (grammar school)


Mayor of the Biwer municipality (since 2017)
1st Alderman of the Biwer municipality (2011-2017)
Member of the Biwer municipal council since 2006
Member and Secretary of the Committee for the Conférence du Jeune Barreau de Luxembourg (Association for young Luxembourg Bar lawyers) (2005–2006)

Written and spoken language skills

Luxembourgish, French, German and English